Bah. I can’t even explain how frustrating the last few days have been. You know when you can’t sleep, and you lie down and get comfortable only to feel the urge to roll over after 2 minutes? Then 2 minutes later you start feeling uncomfortable again. You roll again. Then you decide the fan is making too much noise. You turn it off. You lie down. You roll. Finally, you’re ready to drift away and right before your dreams set in, you get an itch on the bottom of your foot that makes you want to cut your fucking leg off. I’m at that kind of frustration level. Except that itch on my foot, that’s the hosting service I’m using and the technical issues that it’s bringing. I’m aware that the site may be loading slowly and inconsistently for you guys – I’m sorry. I’m really trying to work on it, but a lot of it is beyond my understanding. One way or another it will get resolved soon.

Despite my constant anger, I’ve managed to fall in love. Her name is Kori Pop (yes, that’s her real name). Her album From The Outskirts was made in a barn near her home in Ontario. “Near My Heart” is the first single. Watch the video above, grab it below, and check out more at her Bandcamp page.

DOWNLOAD: Kori Pop: Near My Heart | Mediafire