Theophilus! Here’s the video for his latest collabo with Green Label Sound. I’m a big fan of Theo, and he’s always been a unique artist, but it’s cool to watch him further develop his own style. I’m talking musically, but shit, what other rapper you know could rock that shirt/hat combo?

“Flying Overseas” was shot near Malibu, CA in October 2010. The song itself is about communicating with someone far away through energy and feelings, as well as through everyday means like postcards or photographs. Together, London and director Tim Nackashi created a video that intersects the feeling of longing for a far away love with an out of body experience. The surreal, semi-conscious side is brought to life in the chorus sung by Solange Knowles. And while Theophilus London appears to be on the beach in the video with someone else, in reality, he’s by himself.

“Theophilus wanted the video for ‘Flying Overseas’ to have psychedelic elements and effects that had never been done before,” said Tim Nackashi. “But at the same time he wanted a video that felt clean and stripped down. The technique for creating the datamosh effects was pretty different from anything our crew had done before. We didn’t actually capture the choruses in camera as full moments. Instead we just filmed Theophilus’ face and fed that into the computer as data. It felt pretty risky to do it that way. It was a great experiment and Theophilus was really, really awesome to work with. He is a true artist.”

Download the track here: Theophilus London ft. Solange Knowles & Devonte Hynes – Flying Overseas

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