Dubstep is in a weird position for a genre right now. It’s almost taking on the role of that artist that’s been around for years, but is suddenly blowing up and going mainstream. You’ve got  people jumping on dubstep’s dick, and others who are hopping off after riding it for years like a dark, slow moving underground wave on the verge of breaking. What do you think is the future of dubstep? Will it ever go completely mainstream in America or is that wamp-wamp-wamp wobble wobble too much for the average American consumer?

For one week only, you can watch this dubstep documentary thanks to Pitchfork. Trailer above, info below, documentary in full after the jump. Wamp, wamp, wamp.

The new feature-length documentary Bassweight, which explores the history and evolution of the bottom-heavy electronic music genre known as dubstep, is coming to DVD via SRK Studios on October 24. Heavyweights like Skream, Benga, Kode9, and Mary Anne Hobbs contributed to the film.

Damn, just realized that if you play it here, you only see the intro. Guess you’ll have to head over to Pitchfork to see the whole thing. So, do that, but then come back here, where you’re appreciated more.