I just heard Dean and Ravo for the first time earlier this month and after listening to a few tracks I’m already convinced these guys are going to win over fans quickly. Definitely give them a shot. It’s that crispy, feel-good music with an extra dose of catchiness in it. It might be a little too catchy and poppy for some people (I’m looking at you, dude who compares every rap album to Illmatic), but it works for me. Can’t always be listening to that gritty, street shit or that abstract, artsy underground shit, right? This is that Friday night, just got off work shit – that drinking game shit.

Check out their new video for “End of the Week”, premiering right here, in this post.

You can download this and another track from the duo HERE. (It’s weird that I put the word HERE in all caps all the time, isn’t it? It’s a habit I got into a while ago and I’m just now realizing it’s kind of weird and unnecessary. I guess it’s also kind of weird that I talk to you guys in parentheses and feel like it’s some Sideworld, totally disconnected from the rest of the post. I’m clearly stretching the capabilities of parentheses. Still, I do these things.)

Also, check out Dean and Ravo’s website – here. (See what I did there?)