Here’s the video for Kokayi‘s “RoxTar” from the eclectic album Robots and Dinosaurs. If you like what you hear, you can buy the album here.

In the video for “RoxTar,” which was directed by Donlee Brussel, Kokayi’s signature style is brought to life in one crazy trip, complete with The Rock-afire Explosion, who also appeared in a recent MGMT video and will be featured in an upcoming Adam Sandler movie, and one soon-to-be-infamous leopard print Snuggie. The video takes its cues from classic rock, pop and hip-hop video archetypes, combining kitsch, attitude, and sex appeal. “The imagery reflects the tongue-in-cheek nature of the song,” explains Kokayi, who pays homage to Hype Williams and Michael Bay in the video. Old-School toy animals back Kokayi on drums bass and guitar, illuminated by stadium lights, to complete this crazy retro-futuristic-rock-and-roll-hip-hop joyride.

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