I don’t respond well to normal marketing. Not to say that it’s not effective – it is. There have been studies and such. Pie charts, upward-trending graphs, and other stuff that you can easily point to with a yardstick and say “aha, just as I thought.” Maybe it’s just that I’m weird. I’m the kid that brought dead birds in for show-and-tell and displayed all the classic signs of autism until the age of 13, when a protrusion appeared on the left side of my skull. Nobody knows if the two things are related. In all honesty, I probably have a brain tumor.

I guess this short film is a marketing tool to promote Brain Gang Blue’s upcoming debut album Numb, but it’s way more intriguing than most teasers. BGB is an in-house producer for Kendrick Lamar‘s label TDE (he produced “P&P“… HA!) and his album has a tentative release date of October 28th. The album will feature vocals, but the instrumental music that this video is set to sounds nuts.

“Numb” is an experimental short film directed by Jeff Adair of Dream Work Conquer Films. Featuring all original music from his upcoming, debut solo project, “Numb” is a gateway into the mind of Blue as he ventures on a personal, sometimes destructive, journey.

Hit the jump to watch the video and to read Brain Gang Blue’s words about it…

Via BGB’s Tumblr:

My debut solo project is almost upon us.

Tomorrow will be your first taste of something that i think is literally different than anything else out right now, & something that not only Dallas, but Hip-Hop as an industry, needs.

I’ve worked non-stop and relentlessly on it, and i’m proud of all the work put in.

The project itself is about a specific time in my life, spanning from early April – mid July 2011, when i felt like i hit the lowest of lows.

It was the worst stretch of events that’ve happened to me up to this point in my young life.

Instead of facing my problems face forward… I ran from them. Burying myself in many forms of intoxication.

I got Drunk, High. I sunk into Lust, Hate.

I kept myself in an emotionless state.

I didn’t care about nothing or no one.

I just wanted to use and abuse the night life to escape the problems that faced me in the day.

It made me feel human, it MAKES me feel alive.

& though i still fight through this now…

I felt like i should express it the only way i could. Music.

My video “Numb” releases tomorrow & it signifies all of the above things.

@JeffAdair did a great job capturing what i wanted.

& though i made all of the music on Numb for myself, I still hope you all enjoy.

Hell, maybe you can even relate to it.

Stay tuned for more updates.

—Brain Gang, & Hiii Power.