When you listen to Death Grips for the first time, the music might leave you feeling a little unsettled (if that doesn’t do it, look at the Twitter icon). That’s not an easy task to accomplish these days, with so many artists pushing so hard on the boundaries, trying to find weak points to exploit. When some acts do this, it’s like a game of “how far can I take things” with a child. First it’s “damn”, then “shit”, then “fuck”, and soon enough your little boy is running around with women’s clothes on, rapping about hate crime and bleeding on the furniture.

But Death Grips pulls off this unsettling vibe without seeming gimmicky or immature. It’s that wild-eyed, punk rock brand of hip-hop with an aggressive edge. Here’s the video for “Known For It.” If you like what you hear, the Exmilitary album is out now.

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Death Grips – Exmilitary