I’ve been in love with Alice Costelloe this song ever since I first got familiar, so I’m happy to give Alice and Kasey’s (together known as Big Deal) new video a home right here on P&P. After I heard this one I stalked Alice a little and tried to friend her on Facebook. I’m still waiting for a confirmation. Maybe she just missed it or something? Now that we’ve got this premiere, maybe she’ll accept my friend request so we can keep up with each other’s daily lives and poke each other and stuff. Just an idea, Alice. Ugh, I took things too far again, didn’t I? Yeah, I did.

“Chair” is Big Deal’s first single from their album Lights Out (available now). There’s nothing flashy about it, but that’s part of the charm. The boy-girl vocals and absence of complication allows the infectiousness of the melody to shine. They were generous enough to let us give “Chair” away for free, so grab it below and check out more of their music onĀ Soundcloud.

Big Deal – “Chair”

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