DJ Carnage is the guy who produced this. He’s kind of becoming a legend. His production alone is enough to merit words of praise, but we decided to take a different route and to sum this character up with some extreme hyperbole via me and Midas:

– DJ Carnage has more charm than a young Muhammad Ali.
– If you don’t pay attention to what DJ Carnage is doing, you are an enemy to “doing the right thing.”
– One DJ Carnage beat has more charisma than an entire army of entertainers.
– DJ Carnage understands the internet. The entire internet.
– Carnage only eats what he hunts.
– It’s a widely accepted theory that DJ Carnage is a reincarnated Henry VIII.
– Before music was invented, people and animals would play future DJ Carnage beats in their heads.
– When DJ Carnage walks into a room, every female immediately becomes pregnant, fertile or not.
– If you turn the lights off and look into a mirror and say “DJ Carnage” three times, you get high. And pregnant.

Or, we’ll just let him do the convincing:


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