Lil Wayne is one of the most magnetic entertainers of our time. It’s not about talent, innovation, or importance. He’s got a charisma and a passion that comes across and makes it so easy to be fixated and so hard to take your eyes off him, even when he is drifting in and out of any logical train of thought.

In this “public service announcement,” Wayne talks about why he does a lot of things: why he drank promethazine/codeine┬ásyrup, why he picked up a skateboard, and why he got all tatted up. The reason, most of the time, is because he saw other people do it. He explains that this is a fine reason, as long as one can admit it. While sticking with this theme for the most part, Tunechi also gets sidetracked bragging about his Bugatti, touching on childhood obesity, and claiming that he was a Blood chief in prison.

I’m not sure that I took much from this video, but I’ll probably watch it two or three more times.

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And don’t forget to get your YM debit card. There’s some benefits that come with that, but Wayne’s not sure what those benefits are. Just get one.