Minneapolis-based Doomtree, which is both a record-label and a hip-hop collective compiled of seven artists (P.O.S., Dessa, Sims, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger), have released their debut album, No Kings. The title of their album is supposed to reflect a sort of anarchy as “a call for both rebellion and respect: obey no kings, seek no thrones.”

Each member of the crew brings something unique to their Doomtree project, and although the result is “the sound of seven people who look different, talk different, and listen to different music coming together,” those differences don’t take away from the punch that No Kings packs. Because of the fact that the project has both the talent and creativity of seven people, they have managed to create a unique listening experience.

Album Stream: Doomtree – No Kings

A video for their single, “Bolt Cutter,” has also been released.┬áHit the jump to watch…