Yesterday evening Frank Ocean (he of the subtle oddness) played one of the dates of his brief and disrupted tour at London venue XOYO, in the process of which he debuted two new songs which you can hear below. 2011 has certainly been a huge year for Frank Ocean (and fellow twisted R&B artist The Weeknd), and it’s really interesting to see whether his live shows and future releases can live up to all the hype he’s built for himself. Here is a guy who’s recorded songs with Kanye and Jay before his first ever solo show or properly released debut album. The live show seems pretty low key – just Frank, his waistcoat and his bandana – and putting the focus on the smooth but heartfelt vocals is a good look. This is personal music, and by the looks of things, a pretty personal show.

The quality isn’t amazing, but I can definitely see “Disillusioned”, with it’s slinky, funky bassline, getting a lot of plays when it’s released, while “Real Love” seems a solid addition to the collection with it’s tales of drugs and debauchery. Now, I’m really happy for everyone who got to see Frank Ocean, and it’s great that he recovered from illness enough to perform in London, but why oh why did you have to cancel the Paris date?

Dear Mr Frank, When i heard u cancelled your show i woz rele sad, so thanks for making me cry like a baby in the office, and having to cover it up by pretending my guinea pig had died. Yours regretfully, CG.

Oh well, I guess someone else’s video will have to do, so check out the new songs after the jump, and hit the comments section with thoughts.

BONUS POINTS: Listen to a 100% chilled, just released SBTRKT remix of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You” below!

Frank Ocean – “Disillusioned”

Frank Ocean – “Real Love”

Frank Ocean – “Thinking Bout You (SBTRKT Remix)

Frank Ocean – Thinking Bout You (edit) by sbtrkt