Within the first 20 seconds of Acollective’s “Whisky Eyes,” a barrage of different sounds rush in. The song starts with a Scott Joplin ragtime-style piano, then the drums and guitars kick in and the song starts to sound like some Elliott Smith Figure 8 material. Next, the vocals enter, transforming the song into something that could have come straight from a musical. Their Facebook offers little guidance in understanding their sound:

Acollective is the resonating echoes of quacking ducks in a sealed room, a dual-headed machine of construction-yard-nihilism consuming everything in its path, from banged-up Folk to burned-down Middle-Eastern-Funk, breaking hips and shaking hearts along the way

The band is planning the 2012 release of their debut album, produced by Chris Shaw (Bob Dylan, Weezer, etc.) For┬ámore, head to their official site. Check out “Whisky Eyes” below.

Acollective – “Whisky Eyes”