According to most scientists, the period of time between Christmas and New Years is the earthly equivalent of a black hole. It is the least musically productive week of the year, among other things. This means we generally don’t have a lot of new releases to get excited about, likely because our favorite musicians are gearing up for New Years Eve bashes, spanning the globe, or playing with their new Christmas toys. It totally sucks. The best way to cope is by turning a good ear to those younger, hungry artists who don’t have the luxury of taking the holidays off.

Brooklyn, NY hip-hop artist ScienZe is one example of a man on his 365-grind. He recently hit me with a message to share some records off his new album, When Skies Fall. The first is the album’s lead single, “Play By Play 3.0”, which you can stream and download below. The second is a video for what will likely be released as his next single titled “No Pressure”. ScienZe cites Dilla as a major influence and you can sense some of that in the music he creates. If you like what you hear below, you can pick up a copy of When Skies Fall here.

ScienZe – “Play By Play 3.0”