There you are, scavenging around the internets, looking for new music. College rappers around every corner, music that’s like a joke you don’t get, trendy acts that sound like stuck-up versions of bands from the ’50s. Then you hear this.

Happy Hunting is dark, but not curled up and withdrawn into the shadows of the corner. I guess, if we’re gonna go the comparing route, this would fall somewhere between Florence & The Machine, The Weeknd, and M83. But the thing is, the London duo is not really like any of those, and that’s probably what makes them the most appealing. Also, they’ve got the mystery thing nailed. Just check out their Facebook. Blurry pictures, all day, every day. At this point, who cares about the music? You got blurry pics on your Facebook, I’m in.

But this is a great little EP, so that’s double the reason to enjoy. Hit the jump to watch the video for the standout title track and to check out the EP if you like what you hear…


EP: Happy Hunting – Pitchblack