Not just any rapper can sound good over El-P production. To match that kind of energy, there’s always gotta be something unique in an artist, whether it’s the voice, the delivery, the lyrics, or just that little hint of an off-beat charisma. Langston Thoreau’s got that. It’s not exactly a Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire level of oddity, but it’s there.

The Richmond MC got his hands on El-P’s beat from Weareallgoingtoburninhell Megamixx and decided to go in. He’s got an intelligent way with words combined with a calm, centered delivery that oozes confidence but doesn’t scream, “I’m the shit.” Check out “My Mouth Is A Gun” below, and head over to his Bandcamp to listen to/download the whole EP. And shoutout to VA.

My Mouth Is A Gun by Langston Thoreau

Oh, and in case the last line of the song throws you off, I asked him to clear up what that meant. Hit the jump if you’re interested…

Feel free to not answer this, but what did you mean in that last line?

Yo I when I wrote it I was thinking how I couldn’t wait to answer this question. I said, “I love black people aim my gun at all niggers. My mouth was a gun that I aim at them crackers, racist mentality they act like slave masters.” I am from Richmond, VA. Very, very segregated. Nigger and cracker is a racial slur no matter how you want to dress it up. When I think of niggers or crackers, I think of an ignorant person who lacks knowledge and refuses knowledge. Basically it means I hate ignorance (my mouth is a gun) and I aim it at ignorance.