This is how you do a deluxe edition. 33 new tracks from Dyme Def. It’s the beefed up version of Yuk The World. If you’re not familiar, Dyme Def is a trio from Seattle that merges some classic hip-hop with some next-level new shit. Whereas acts like The Cool Kids sometimes get stuck with a sound, Dyme Def keeps the lanes open, never getting pigeonholed into one thing and consequently giving each track it’s own space to breathe.

If you’re ADD and short of time, maybe start out with “Rollin Stone” and “Dreamin.” You can buy the album on iTunes now. Shoutout to Seattle.

As you would expect, the album is stacked with energetic and original material from top to bottom. Backed again by BeanOne and Brainstorm on the boards, Dyme Def serves as a reminder that the Pacific NW finally has top rank talent that it can represent.

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Dyme Def – Yuk The World (Deluxe Edition)