Don’t listen to this album. Seriously, it sucks. It sucks so hard that I’ve played through it three times in the past few hours. It’s so raggedy that four tracks in I thought to myself, “holy shit, I hate how much I love this.” That was my weak attempt at reverse psychology. Did it work? I hope so. Either way you’ve probably already blown past this intro and are experiencing what most medical professionals refer to as the “tickle ear”. That sensation you get when something pleasantly unexpected presses flesh with your cochlea. That’s a real fucking word, look it up.

If you’re not familiar with Phony Ppl, now would be a good time to start paying attention. This nine piece ensemble proper represents Brooklyn, NY with a multi-genre encompassing style that blends elements of jazz, hip-hop, funk and traces of soul into a seamless sound that we frankly don’t hear enough of in modern music.

Phonyland has been a work in progress over the past three years for this young crew, and the hard work has finally paid off. Have a listen and download for free below. This February they link up with Theophilus London on his “Tour De Roses”, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

DOWNLOAD: Phony Ppl – Phonyland