The Chicago-based DJ duo of J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci), better known collectively as Flosstradamus, feel like you need to party more. That’s the only explanation for their unleashing of this teeth rattling excuse for a song. “Total Recall” is aggressive, unapologetic and it just stole lunch money from some other DJ’s new release. Shit goes hard and it’s an attractive canvas for any emcee out there looking to make a name for themselves on a little freestyle / remix type action.

Oh, and the video. The video offers a simulated experience of what it must feel like to satellite-bungy jump from one international rave to another without any true physical consequence. No wicked ecstasy hangovers. No waking up in an ice filed bathtub with your left kidney missing. Just good, clean fun. There’s also a Tokyo Drift-style drag racing scene sandwiched in the middle there for good measure. Because why the fuck not, right? I should also mention it’s technically “NSFW” due to some errant booty shaking. You should be good to view it just about anywhere though unless you work at a daycare or nunnery, in which case you probably shouldn’t be on this site in the first place.

Feel free to snag “Total Recall” down below and be sure to check out Flosstradamus’ new EP Jubilation here.