I complain a decent amount about things in the music world: things rappers do, things Bieber does, and various other daily disappointments that I really have no right to complain about, considering my own music career is restricted to my bedroom and an audience of 0. But one of my primary complaints has always been that indie artists/bands don’t make mixtapes. It’s senseless to me, since the mixtape game has been so helpful to emerging rappers trying to build a fanbase.

Conner Youngblood gets it.

Check out his mixtape below, and keep up with him on Facebook and Twitter.

So looks like i’m doing that whole band/indie artist mixtape thingy after all. I was planning on doing one big one, but decided to split it up in to smaller ones, include half new songs, half older ones, just as a way to catch new listeners up on what’s going on. As of now I plan on doing two-three (hopefully three) of these in the coming months. This first one is titled ‘Sketches pt.1″. In other news i’ll be hitting up sxsw and playing a showcase or two, just not sure on when/where yet- http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS17452

I think  I’m going to be doing something bigger soonish hopefully, I’ve got like 5 songs in the bank along with some stuff i’ve already released and am still figuring my shit out, but I’m hoping to do some kinda collection of songs soonish, maybe record a couple more first. But glad you dig it thus far. I just got back from a midnight showing of Immortals and it sucked, so don’t got see that movie by the way, unless you’re high as shite.