Kool A.D. of Das Racist released this typically weird and esoteric mixtape yesterday on his Twitter (and in the process of promoting it exceeded the daily post limit!), and as long as you expect the unexpected you wont be disappointed. There is very little rapping on the tape, but a load of really great production, and some wonderfully nonsensical chanting, including personal favourite

“Bitch I’m Ronald Reagan, bitch I’m hecka caking/ bitch I’m Ronald Reagan, bitch I’m James Murphy, bitch I’m James Murphy, bitch I’m James Murphy”

Check out a couple of songs below, but be warned, the tape veers wildly from style to style, so no two songs can really represent an overall sound. Grab the full download HERE and be on the lookout for solo mixtapes from the other two members of DR sometime this year.

Kool A.D. – “Lagrimas Blancas”

Kool A.D. – “Girls & Women”