I honestly don’t know much about Brad Oberhofer – he’s someone I’ve heard talked very highly of, someone associated with the lo-fi indie-rock scene, and now someone who’s debut album I am now certainly looking forward to. Having put out a number of singles in 2011, this year will see the release of his debut album Time Capsules II (released March 27th) and likely a growth in popularity and recognition.

As soon as “HEART” starts it’s evident that Oberhofer has moved on from the guitar led, raucous drum backed style of his earlier releases – there is crisp, clean piano, soon joined by numerous layers of instrumentation, with his raw, unpretentious vocals propelling the whole song along its pained path of unrequited love. The song is available for stream and download below, and if you’re interested there’s also a short video featuring Brad talking about his first song, his new album with producer Steve Lilywhite (U2, Peter Gabriel) and running about in a forest. Good times.

HEART – Oberhofer by Glassnotemusic