Absolutely nothing not to like about new Pretty Lights material, especially when it’s free. As a bonus Derek Vincent Smith paired the tune with a self-produced video. Two for the price of none, not a bad deal.

“We Must Go On” follows the classic Pretty Lights formula by blending flavors of funk, soul and hip-hop together into a track you’d be proud to spin at a party, blast out of your ride or plug your headphones in for during an all night study sesh. Smith said of the new release, “the creation of this track and video is also an artistic explanation as to why I chose the name “Pretty Lights” for my musical project. It embodies the essence of the artistic eye and the idea that almost any moment, anywhere, can be a moment of inspiration and beauty.” Locations featured in the video include Detroit, Warsaw, Oslo, NYC, Vancouver, London, Paris, Prague, and others.

While you’re welcome to grab a copy of the track below, we also encourage that you hit the PL website to register for future messages regarding fresh music, videos, tours and other fun bits of information that you would otherwise find yourself missing out on.

Pretty Lights – “We Must Go On”

Pretty Lights – We Must Go On (official music video) from Pretty Lights Music on Vimeo.