It is a dark, dark day. Not only is there a massive internet blackout in protest of SOPA, but dubstep continues to spread like some kind of misunderstood disease. Instead of the weak, poor, and undereducated, dubstep attacks mostly bros, but these bros support with a fury which we haven’t seen the likes of since the DMB craze in the ’90s.

Today, dubstep enters new territory. For a while, it was thought that we could isolate the affected—leave those bros to their sweaty fist-pump parties and enjoy a simple life without wamp-wamps, neon sunglasses, and words like filthy. But they’ve made an aggressive move. They’ve taken on The Beatles.

Am I overreacting? Should a dubstep remix of The Beatles be permissible in 2012?

From Voodoo Farm, the creator:

Here is a new jam for you to hump ‘n grind to… I’ve spun versions of this into my live set from time to time but never made it available for download until today. The video is my first time ever fucking around with cartoon animation– it took me way longer than I initially expected (like 2 weeks) and if at least one kid in Japan doesn’t get a seizure from watching it, then I will consider this whole thing a huge waste of time.

The Beatles – A Day In The Life (VOODOO FARM DUBSTEP REMIX)

Listen to/download the song above, and watch the video below: