The War on Drugs are a band that I initially left off of covering on here, mostly because I was late to the scene and initially not getting into their dense, hazy, guitar-centric brand of rock. However, with the resounding and repeated recommendations from many people I trust endorsing their latest album, Slave Ambient, it became a record I revisited and eventually loved. It was a difficult sound to break through, but I’m really glad I gave it the chance it deserved by just settling down and putting it on repeat for a few days. If you’ve got time, do the same.

They’re releasing my personal favorite song off of the album, “Come To The City,” as a single, and have just liberated the previously unheard b-side to the track, “Don’t Fear The Ghost.” It’s about as bleary as The War on Drugs gets and I’m really liking it. Stream it below, as well as “Come To The City” if you need a proper introduction.

The War On Drugs – “Come To The City”