Howler are a band who were recepients (or should that be victims?) of a whole lot of hype at the tail end of 2011, not least from that haven of build ’em up to chop ’em down journalism that is NME. Not all that suprising considering these 5 young men were chanelling their inner Strokes to the extent Rough Trade flew straight to Minneapolis to sign them on hearing their demo, have great haircuts, and could just be the saviours of rock that we’re all so frantically searching for.

All sarcasm aside, Howler are well worth your time if you want energetic, unpretentious rock and roll with great choruses, fuzzy guitars and relatable lyrics – just the kind of band you know would be great live. Lead singer Jordan Gatesmith explained last year

“There’s not really been a great rock record, or even a punk record, in ages. I keep hearing a lot of witch house stuff, chillwave, shoegazey keyboards with Casio drums. But not rock, so we wanted to make it dirty rock’n’roll.”

Stream Howler’s recently released “dirty rock’n’roll” debut LP America Give Up below and pop on over to their website here┬áto get a free download of album track “Back Of Your Neck”, the video for which you can also view below.