Whether you’re a dance music head in love with endless sonic experimentation, new to the EDM world and wanting to listen to something more substantial than what’s on the radio, or someone who just wants to party, you owe it to yourself to listen to Personality, the third LP by¬†Hotflush Recordings boss Scuba. Whilst Paul Rose has been making dance music under various monikers for years, alongside releasing music from cutting edge artists on his label, this is his first release that might appeal to an audience beyond underground dance music fans. Personality is brighter, lighter, and more fun than previous Scuba releases, but still draws on a multitude of influences and styles, and should serve as a reminder that dance music doesn’t have to be simple to be fun.

Personality is released February 27th, but for now, stream it in full below and enjoy everything from the expansive main room targeted “The Hope” and “July”, the crackling, ghostly Drum & Bass of “Cognitive Dissonance” and everything in between.

Scuba – Personality [HFCD007] by Hotflush