The Weeknd was a busy man last year. Three EP’s in 12 months is nothing to sneeze at. While a fourth is likely in the works, we have no set time frame for new material from the Toronto singer, and frankly that’s unnerving. If you need a hot fix in the meantime though, this shit from New York / Portland based DJ Chi Duly is exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t believe me? Ask the man himself.

Balloons Of Haus is a concept album featuring remixed versions of 11 Weeknd hits from each of his previous EP releases. Chi Duly is best known for 2010’s October’s Very Cold in which he blended Drake and Coldplay together on a lights out project. If you’ve heard that then you know what to expect, if you haven’t you may want to study up.

Download Balloons Of Haus HERE.