You guys excited for this one? Well you should be.

The thought of three bona fide legends in the shape of GorillazJames Murphy and André 3000 on a song together was almost too much for our simple minds to cope with when we heard abut it a couple of weeks ago, and now hearing the final product you can officially label my mind blown. The song starts off with an undeniable Gorillaz vibe, both production wise and with Damon Albarn’s sing-song spoken delivery, adding in a James Murphy chorus, and peaking with 3 Stacks next level raps. If you aren’t shaking your head in amazement, smiling in appreciation or jumping around high-fiving people at some point in this song you should probably just give up on music altogether.

Give thanks to Converse for bringing these guys together for their “3 Artists. One Song” series, and please, join with me in praying that Outkast make another album.

Listen below, and head over to Converse’s site to download the track.

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