Some years ago I had the opportunity to see a younger John Mayer play a passionate 90-minute set to a limited crowd at a spot called Gabe’s in Iowa City, IA. This was back in his pre-Room For Squares days. Many tattoos, douchey Twitter comments and famous ex-girlfriends ago. A small piece of me still clings to the less pretentious musician that I saw that night, but as time passed Mayer became different. To say his many successes have led to a big head would be no exaggeration, figuratively or literally. That’s not nice, sorry John.

Good news for both sides is that with every new album comes a fresh sheet of lined paper to work with. A second chance to make a first impression. Mayer’s new single “Shadow Days” seems to have him taking a more humble approach to song writing. It’s littered with lyrics about learning from past mistakes and growing in the right direction. Some claim the song was written with Taylor Swift in mind, I’d just like to think that John’s remembering how to be a good guy again.

“Shadow Days” is the first single from Mayer’s forthcoming fifth album, Born and Raised, out May 22.