Nite Jewel’s forthcoming album Once Second Of Love should appeal to fans of her earlier, fuzzier bedroom pop output, as well as piquing the interest of lovers of slick synth based pop music. The title track “One Second Of Love” (which we brought you in December) is a bouncy good times jam, whilst newly released “In The Dark” showcases a slower, mellower side and some lush production that complement Ramona Gonzalez’ bittersweet lyrics perfectly. One Second Of Love (tracklist below) is released March 6th, but if you pre-order it from Secretly Candian HERE, as of now you get an immediate full download of the album and a bonus track. Nite Jewel for the win.

Nite Jewel – In The Dark by DOJAGSC

01 “This Story”
02 “One Second Of Love”
03 “She’s Always Watching You”
04 “Mind & Eyes”
05 “In The Dark”
06 “Memory, Man”
07 “Unearthly Delights”
08 “No I Don’t”
09 “Autograph”
10 “Clive”