While their calling card is production that can be consistently relied upon to get any party started, Flosstradamus have a deeply-ingrained hip-hop streak that occasionally stays under wraps. However, when the North Carolina MC Deniro Farrar came calling for a beat they dove right back into the rap scene. I’m actually a little surprised how well the instrumental for “Look At The Sky” fits in with Farrar’s aesthetic. On his last mixtape, Destiny Altered, he established himself as a dark, introspective rapper with an ear for minor chords, delicate samples and bursts of bright synths and pianos. FlossyD oblige the tendencies and impressively restrain their signature sounds, placing themselves in a new context with powerful results. Farrar only solidifies his reputation as an emotionally aware and technically gifted rapper and makes the beat his own.

Flosstradamus & Deniro Farrar – “Look At The Sky”