Word on the web was this was for Khaled’s album. Many are still saying it features Khaled, but it shows no evidence of Khaled besides a little yelling at the beginning. Kanye West goes in, mixing the personal with a forever-better-than-you attitude that, in Kanye’s case, may very well be true. It may be off the G.O.O.D. Music collaboration album, or it may just be a freebie that Flex decided to liberate. Lots of speculation, but just check it out for some big Hit-Boy production reminiscent of that awesome Needlz-produced “I’m Goin’ In” beat. You’ll also get some Kanye lines that are sure to have everyone talking. He reveals feelings on Wiz Khalifa, love for Kim Kardashian, and why Kris Humphries should be thankful.

Overall, it’s a cool song, just like everything Kanye touches, but it’s clear  that it’s a song with Kanye rapping on it, not a Kanye song.

Kanye West – Theraflu Lyrics