Don’t you love it when things just come together? Fixer’s “We’ll Be The Moon” skipped jovially into a cameo spot in our albums of the week a fortnight ago, and now the music gods themselves see fit to bestow upon us a stream of the entire album… for free? Suck it pirates.

This album pulls threads from a diverse cluster of influences, with gliding versesĀ reminiscentĀ of Foster The People and raw, brash and heart-filled choruses that whisper into the collective consciousness of Friendly Fires fans. The flitting shadows of Vampire Weekend and Beach Boys also cast themselves over most tracks, giving this assemblage a courageous and full summery vibe. Whilst the album unfortunately doesn’t quite reach the stratospheric bar set by early hype, it is still a solid and commendable effort that definitely deserves your close attention. For admirers of this style of ambitious, seaside music, this is repeatable ad infinitum.