Bullion is the alias of talented London producer Nathan Jenkins who, we find out on this EP, is also the proud owner of a fine set of pipes. For the first time, Bullion puts his vocals front and centre on some of the tracks, and the EP is all the better for it, as his soft but assured tones match the relaxed, feet-up-sipping-on-a-beer vibe of ” It’s All In Sound” and the rueful reminiscences of “Keep A Document”. There is a warmth and funkiness that runs through the whole EP, and Bullion’s obvious production talents (especially his judicious use of saxophone) keeps things fresh and interesting on the more instrumental based cuts.

This is the sort of EP that will grow and grow on you, with melodies and hooks that aren’t immediately catchy, but worm their way into your brain, so go ahead and stream the five original tracks (“The Age Of Self” is a Robert Wyatt cover) below, and if you like what you hear, buy the just released EP HERE.