Recently, we’ve been extolling the virtues of Jersey Club as a bubbling genre, the concept of a sped up Baltimore Club hybridized with hip-hop drums and longer vocal chops is pretty unbeatable right now. It would be a straight up falsehood if I said that I would even know about the genre without DJ Sliink, he’s really been the guy putting the movement on his back so far. Ever since Brenmar dropped Sliink’s edit of Shontelle’s “Impossible” in his own mix a while back I’ve been a fan. Getting a full, half-hour mix from the 21 year-old producer/DJ is an exciting prospect.

While some artists use mixes as a way to show their diverse selection, Sliink keeps this one pretty singular, using it as an opportunity to demonstrate his personal sound. Almost every track here is his own production, which isn’t that surprising when you consider that his Soundcloud is constantly in a state of flux – he seems to upload a new track nearly every day. Sliink’s got his formula down to a science. While music will always thrive on innovation and experimentation, this mix instead feels like the crystallization of a moment; it’s what’s cool and exciting right at this instant.