“Crew Love” is the second track from¬†Take Care¬†Star Slinger has put his remixing to talents to work on, and just like that, we have a Drake x Star Slinger remix album in the works. Just kidding, this does seem like an isolated incident, but Star Slinger must listen to a lot of Drake. This one’s a little more out of the box and dancefloor-driven than his average rework, which makes sense as it seems he’s taken cues from Jersey Club as his template. The genre, reaching new heights in visibility thanks to the P&P endorsed DJ Sliink, calls for high energy, vocal chops and slightly off-kilter bass kicks that make for extraordinarily fun music that can still make it out of the club without sounding silly. Star Slinger’s take on the genre is true to form, and includes a few percussive breakdowns and synth stabs along the way.