Ah lovely, just in time for summer. Brighton and London’s assorted four-piece Fear of Men have what we in the business like to call a classic “Abba split”. I haven’t been in the business for long, so I may have made that up, but it means two boys and two girls. Combining the best of both sexes has created a jangly, splashy, summer’s ode to love and all the pitfalls that lie therein. Relentless yet gentle guitar riffs effortlessly support the warbling shimmers of the pleasant vocals in “Born” which is the stronger of two halvesĀ of a new 7″ split, with “Green Sea” occupying the remaining space on the record.

Pre-order a copy of the limited edition white vinyls on Sexbeat here. For the more modernised among us, I have kindly provided a link to below. Feel free to have a listen, and remember, aural enjoyment of said track will be increased by wearing sunglasses and a vest.