When two Jay-Z mash-ups come in from two different sources on the same day, I take that as a sign that we need to post some Jay-Z mash-ups. At first I thought about separating these two to give each producer their own well deserved time in the spotlight, but then I figured that combining them would make twice as much sense, hopefully get each twice as many views, and ultimately cut the amount of work that I had to do in half. So naturally I went with what was easiest for me and put them together. Just kidding. I actually did this because it’s easier for you guys. Less pages to load, less things to click through, and we hate clicks too (don’t kill me Confusion), so it all works out in the end.

This first masher stacks Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ©’s mega hit “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” up against Passion Pit‘s new single “Take A Walk”. The song was mixed by wait what, and is the first single from his forthcoming mixtape out May 21st. Just as before, it will be a pay-what-you want album, with all proceeds going towards Dave Eggers’non-profit youth writing organization, 826 Valencia.

Now when you see Jigga’s name next to The Beatles, everybody immediately thinks “The Grey Album, Danger Mouse, been there and done that”. Yeah well, this shit is different. This mash-up by The Melker Project takes a rare Beatles’ accapella of “Because” and swirls it up with Jay’s “Say Hello” off the American Ganster album to create a new version that you’ve definitely never heard before. Give both of these fine remixes a listen and enjoy the weekend!