The fantastically affecting indie-pop of Mr Little Jeans is the kind that begs to be reinterpreted well. With an ear for big choruses and a genuinely beautiful voice, Monica Birkenes makes music that it’s easy to envision being remixed, calling to mind Ellie Goulding – less in the sense that they sound the same, but more that their music has a feel of poppy adaptability. Fool’s Gold seemed to want to put that flexibility to the test.

The international influence-drawing outfit takes the backdrop of “Runaway” through a teleporter, swapping out the sweeping synths and guitars for tropical stuttering and danceability. The bongos and synthesized claps dominate the percussion before combining with a pounding four-on-the-floor bass and snare duo. All of this under a natural sounding bassline and understated effects makes for one hell of a transition from the original. But Mr Little Jeans’ voice is still there, unaffected and working just as well in its new habitat.


And the original, because you can and should take another listen: