The release of these Swedish pop-experimentalists debut album draws ever closer, and Niki & The Dove are not slowing down with their releases. First up, we have “Taylor” a gentle love song that is as beautiful as it is bittersweet, laying Malin’s plaintive refrain of “Taylor, why did you leave me? Oh Taylor, I wish you’d call sometime” over a pulsating, shimmering backdrop. “Taylor” will be a bonus track on the deluxe version of Instinct (out 14th May), begging the question, how bloody good must the rest of the album be if this only made it as a bonus track?!

A couple of days ago, the Sedish duo also released this twenty minute mixtape which features glitchy, twisted remixes of their singles as well as some new material from the album. Check it out now.

(Line Of Best Fit)