Created in mid 2011, Sleeper is the solo project of Laguna Beach native Paul Olsen. After various other musical collaborations, Olsen decided to separate off on his own and craft something that would allow for a more personal, introspective approach. That independent effort and quest for growth resulted in a six-song, self-titled EP that just released this past Tuesday. Below you can sample its first two tracks, the acoustic guitar-led “Ice House,” and “Big Sur,” which is a hazy, beautifully arranged piece that Olsen wrote in the backseat of his car while traveling through the Central Coast of California. After multiple listens through, my appreciation for the song-to-song continuity, and complexity of the layered instrumentation, is only outweighed by the disbelief that I’d never heard of Paul Olsen before this release. His Sleeper EP is certainly something special and one that I would strongly recommend to fans of established acts like Bon Iver or the prog pop indie group Minus The Bear.

Keep up with Sleeper on his official Facebook page, tweet at him, and be sure to pick up his EP on iTunes.