It’s weird how some albums sneak up on you. Twin Shadow was not someone I paid any attention to until I was assigned to review Forget, upon which I promptly fell in love with the record. And even then, I’m not sure I realized how impactful it was back in 2010, but now it’s certainly become one of the only albums from that year I revisit regularly, on par with Kanye’s MBDTF and The National’s High Violet.

“Five Seconds” operates under the same rules, in that if it doesn’t hit you immediately (which it might), stick with it. I could use some basic descriptors here, like “revivalist New Wave synth-rock,” but even if that did give you a picture of what the track sounded like, it doesn’t encapsulate the feeling Twin Shadow is able to imbue all of his songs. It’s wistful and danceable, nostalgic and romantic in its heartbreak. It’s not just sadness and happiness and anger, this guy’s playing with a full emotional palette and doing it well. Basically, if you’ve read this far, just listen to it. The more you do the more you’ll like it, probably, because that’s how these things work.

Download: Twin Shadow – “Five Seconds”

The track came with the announcement of a new Twin Shadow album, coming very soon. Confess is due on July 10th and reportedly inspired by  motorcycle rides he took in Los Angeles after a long hiatus following an accident.

Confess Tracklist:
01. Golden Light
02. You Call Me On
03. Five Seconds
04. Run My Heart
05. The One
06. Beg for the Night
07. Patient
08. When the Movie’s Over
09. I Don’t Care
10. Be Mine Tonight
Hidden Track: Mirror in the Dark