It’s frightening to hear a 16 year-old rap so lucidly about the lust, darkness, and uncertainty that hang about his life, but the debut EP from Barbadian emcee Haleek Maul is a fascinating journey into the mind of a very talented, focused young artist. Maul’s production choices are suitably of the moment, with a slew of murky, ominous beats provided by Supreme Cuts, the-Drum and storied DJ/producer King Britt (for perspective, Britt was touring with Digable Planets 4 years before Maul was even born). In the age of the internet, there are always questions about authenticity, but it never feels as if Maul panders and, in spite of lyrics and sounds that seem to play on the blogosphere’s current fascinations. Oxyconteen it comes across as a genuine transmission from a promising–if perhaps tormented–mind.

Download Oxyconteen here and stream below.