For a second there, Gunplay had me fooled. He’s always seemed like one of the most reckless out, offering up tons of energy and charisma but falling short when it comes to artistic value or creativity. Then Kendrick Lamar dropped “Cartoons & Cereal.” On that track, Gunplay hits a sweet spot and combines the best elements of his delivery with a touch of restraint and just the right amount of humanity that makes him a real person for a second.

Not that murder can’t be a great topic for a rap song, but it has to be done right, and it’s not done right on “Banana Clips.” Using corny banana/ape/zoo wordplay (if you can even call it that) as the foundation for your song isn’t the right treatment for a murder song. Especially when Lil Wayne finishes the track off with a big shoutout to his new skate line.

Listen below, download at HNHH

Gunplay ft. Lil Wayne – “Banana Clips”