DJ Ben-Ha-Meen, our friend from Please Don’t Stare who mixed our The Danger mixtape, just hit us with this new feel-good mix.

As spring turns to summer and jeans and boots give way to sun dresses and open toed heels I figured it was time to drop volume two of Dance Like No One Is Watching my electro house uptempo whatever works mix. Bunch of new tunes on this one starting off with Flight Facilities “With You” and ending with Clinton Sparks remix of U2’s With Or Without You. In between everything from Rihanna and Pitbull to House remixes of The Weeknd so get your dancing shoes ready, it’s over fifty minutes of funk. Props to Theotis Jones on the art design, tracklisting and individual tracks coming soon but in the meantime a Serato playlist and one long mix of dance music after the break. So hipster and yet so ghetto, yes I know.