Everybody likes a good mixtape. They’re fun to make, share and receive. New York’s MS MR clearly understand the appeal. As new artists on the scene, they’ve already hit us with a very cool debut in their single “Hurricane,” and now the duo have put together this fun little mix as a thank you to the fans for supporting their work. They recently posted Track Addict Vol. 1 Mixtape on their tumblr page along with the message below.

We wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU for your <3 and support of MS MR and Hurricane :) In return we’d like to share the first installment of our new mix series, Track Addict Vol. I, Enjoy! xx Ps - a HUGE thank you to all these incredible artists for allowing us to use their songs for this mix. They’re class acts, each and every one.

Here’s the full download, and here’s the track list;

1. Breeze Blocks – Alt-J // 2. Seconds – Ghost Loft // 3. Move to the Ocean (Baauer Remix) – Brick + Mortar // 4. Amber – Electronic Guest // 5. Forever – Haim // 6. My Better Self – Tennis // 7. Lazuli – Beach House // 8. Sleep Paralysis – Gabriel Bruce // 9. Wrenning Day – Ava Luna // 10. Midland – Arthur Beatrice // 11. pound your town to hell – Cloudy Busey // 12. Suburbs (Cover) – Mr Little Jeans // 13. Don’t Move – Phantogram //14. Gone – Vacationer