As happened to 9th Wonder at his peak, listeners and detractors have often impugned Lex Luger (and his army of collaborators and imitators) for pumping out the now inescapable “Luger” beat ad nauseum. In truth, Luger’s clearly defined formula has been even more incessant than any that 9th ever employed. In spite of major label deals, Little Brother never enjoyed the ubiquity and genre defining success that has followed the young Luger. What often gets lost in the shuffle of derisive comments and iTunes skips is that Luger is both extremely young (21) and more talented than most would like to admit. On his remix of “Everything New,” he marries his trademark low end thump and bombast with a few infectious synth lines that sound of a piece with his previous work and simultaneously far more accessible to fans exhausted by the sound Luger beat to death. It’s fascinating to watch a young producer grow, even if ever so slightly.

Stalley also happens to come along for the ride, but the unremixed version of this song has been around for a few months. He does his thing. Check it out below.