If we learned anything yesterday from that little Carly Rae Jepsen x Third Eye Blind experiment, it’s that two highly incompatible songs can sound surprisingly well together. That’s the gift and the curse of song mating. If done correctly everyone is all like “yo, this is sick!”, but if done poorly it often sounds like two garbage trucks scissoring in a dark alley. The Melker Project is always on point with his mash ups. This is the same creative mind that previously paired Jay-Z with the Beatles, and is responsible for marrying countless other unlikely artists. This latest installment finds Melker linking The Police classic “Message In A Bottle” with recent Kanye West / G.O.O.D. Music single, “Mercy”.

You can find “Message In A Bottle Vs. Mercy” and other tracks on the soon-to-be released Ratchet Rock project, sponsored by Young and Reckless, Clubtapes.com and Terry Urban. It drops on June 20th, see the below vid to learn more.