Charles Hamilton. As one of Hip-Hop’s more troubled and troubling personalities in recent memory, the 24-year-old emcee (isn’t that shocking? doesn’t it feel like he’s been around forever?) Hamilton has long represented a tremendous talent whose career, for reasons well-documented elsewhere, never quite achieved the creative and commercial aspirations so many held for it. At P&P, we root for Charles as much as we root for anyone who’s flashed the potential to make good music.

On “I Don’t Care,” the lead single from his upcoming project ILL DOESN’T MEEN CLASSIC (apparently dropping on 7/7), Hamilton wields his sharply laid back flow to delve into personal issues and public perceptions over a beat purportedly co-produced by one time Interscope label-mate Eminem. The production’s origins are unclear, but it certainly bears the familiar, haunting aesthetic of Em’s Marshall Mathers era releases. There are essays to be written about Hamilton. His persona and his content comrpise a fascinatingly labyrinthine portrait of a man who has often lived a painfully public life. “I Don’t Care” is a densely dark letter of rejection, a seemingly nihilistic transmission from a mind battered by an unforgiving industry and a litany of widely criticized decisions. But treatises are for another time; for now, check out “I Don’t Care” below and check in with Charles.

Charles Hamilton – “I Don’t Care”